Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack Product Beschrijving

20 Years in the Making - The original Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R are brought together in one package on Switch!
A European Release - Experience the king of fighters with English, French, Spanish, Italian and German subtitles!
The Anniversary Double Pack - The first and last of the gorgeous 2D sprites games of the franchise!
Top-tier Fighter - The finest and most complex Guilty Gear games reunited after 20 years!
Accent Core Plus R - Rediscover the original cast of 25, still the only Guilty Gear with all the best characters!
Guilty Gear - Enjoy a hardrock soundtrack and an epic anime story that has fascinated fans for two decades!
The Final Chapter - Accent Core Plus R is the final installment and epitome of the Guilty Gear XX series, with the most polished mechanics of all!
Guilty Gear Online - Enjoy online play for the game, and practice your Dust and Roman Cancels!
Type / Genre(s) Vechtspel
Publisher SNK
Developer SNK
Releasedatum 17-05-2019

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